2018 Recap

2018 for me has been the year to work on my purpose. These are my highlights of 2018.

I traveled quite frequently in 2018 mostly to Miami as I have family and few friends that live down there. I also traveled to 3 different states which are Illinois, Indiana, and Massachusetts. I also took a solo trip to Toronto and visited the Niagara Falls in the Canadian side and my last trip of the year in NYC.

Asides from traveling, I have to note that I need to work on paying off my student loans from the colleges I dropped out at and continue to work while finding ways to increase my income. It’s these decisions I look back and realize I have accomplished a lot and more so than what most people have not even bothered to take in life.

One of my biggest lessons I have learned in 2019 is lifestyle inflation and to just take action and not let the opinion of others hold back. I have traveled a lot and I’ll admit I could have easily paid off my student loans this year but focused on traveling. I will travel less in 2019 and go aggressively in paying off my $18,000 in student loans by the middle of 2019 as this is my number goal for the new year.

I easily can be stopped by the opinions of others, as I tend to be afraid of the unknown. I realize this will only stop me and I take action in the things that have me and just go for it. As a silent mover, it has helped me progressed into my personal development in life to become more of the man I want to be and learn from my successes and failures in life. I know what will work for me and what doesn’t is just a learning lesson in life.

I made new connections with similar people ever since I created operation retirement back in January. This year has flown by and how much you can progress by taking action. I am glad to have Thomas as a friend who contributes and work together as traders, investors, and other side projects that will keep us going. I look forward to having a happy, healthy, and successful 2019 for myself and for everyone else in the operation retirement community.

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