Credit Card

Credit Card Theft Sucks

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Intro Having a credit card or debit card is a secure way to make purchases, without having to carry cash. Unfortunately, with technology millions of people, every day are a victim of credit card theft by hacking. I have been a victim of credit card theft twice so far. My first is when my debit […]

Personal Finances

3 Youtube Channels To Watch for Personal Finance

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These 3 youtube channels are great for people who are learning about personal finance. It is important to learn how to build a successful financial future for yourself, so you can live like no one else.   Financial Education Financial Education channel uploads videos about the stock market and entrepreneurship. He shares information about how […]


3 Must Read Autobiography Business Books

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I love reading autobiography books about successful business people, it’s a great way to read and learn about how they became successful in the business and what they dealt with from their humble beginnings. Every business owner should always share their successes and failures to show people, that running a business is never easy. Below […]