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Lifestyle Inflation

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Lifestyle Inflation usually happens to nearly everyone when an increase in income occurs. You spend more when you make more money. I’ll admit I got into it this year when I started my first full-time job. I got my first full-time job in 2017 making around 33k a year. It is decent as I started […]



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  Minimalism has introduced me to a new perspective in life that I started about a year ago. What drew me to minimalism is by realizing there are so many items I had that I barely or have not used anymore and I decided it was time for a change. I sold as many shoes and […]

Life Advice

Handling Losses In Trading.

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It is always going to be a point in where no matter how good or bad of a trader/investor you are, you are going to lose. Losing a trade can occur by the fact the market does not go in the direction as expected. The company you invested into can have a bad PR fire […]


I Am Taking A Break From College

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I am currently taking a break from college as I struggle to pass my classes, and figuring out what I really want to do with my life. I dislike the fact school, society and family tends to pressure people to go to school to get a degree so you can get a good paying job. […]