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Boeing. A Disappointment

The Shareholder meeting with Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg is a disappointment for shareholders like me alike and companies who have spend billions in buying boeing aircraft and defense contracts.

With the crash of Lion Air Flight 610 & Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 lawsuits are being presented, forced groundings of all 737-Max aircraft worldwide, and the overall fear of flying into a new boeing aircraft will leave a permanent negative reputation to Boeing.

The MCAS is a system placed by Boeing 737 Max’s to intentionally hide the flaw aerodynamics of the aircraft due to the new bigger efficient engines. Pilots who flew the new MAX aircraft complained about the MCAS prior to the crashes of Lion Air and Ethiopian Air. Instead of fixing the design before allowing it to be taken in operation, they decided to rush the pilots with instructions in case their design would fail in an attempt to avoid any responsibility because all they cared about was making money and staying ahead of Airbus. Dennis lied saying that all Boeing aircraft fly with MCAS which is 100% false and was only in the MAX aircraft.

With whistleblowers sharing the flaws of both the 737 Max and 787 Dreamliners, the CEO of Boeing should be terminated and be replaced by a new CEO. Refund and cancel the production of the 737 Max and continue building the 737 NG’s. Boeing needs to fix the manufacturing process of current and new aircraft that is in production and focus on safety first instead of meeting financial production numbers to please shareholders. Build an aircraft with safety and requirements that airliner customers want and the profits will come in. Faith has been lost with Boeing and with the new 777x being in production and expected to fly in 2020 this will be a huge waiting to see if the flaws of the 737 MAX have been fixed and avoid another accident like this again.

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