Stock Market

Do Not Panic In A Selling Market

When major stock indexes are in the red, investors are selling stock to take in their profits they have got to avoid further losses.

Markets down as of 5/13/19 Due to US placing additional tariffs on Chinese goods and China plans to strike back with additional tariffs on the US on June 1, 2019.

It is amazing to know that people who short stocks or place put on options have made a profit off of people who sell stock and those who placed calls loss profit or sell for a loss. It is also a good opportunity for long term investors to buy stocks at a discount price from these sellers. As long the company is still profitable and growing with little to no debt, investing while in a bearish market is a great opportunity to let compound interest add up throughout the years.

This is why it is important to read on current events and have cash on hand in your brokerage account to buy when stocks dip. Never let a bull market scare you of investments, but if you lose on your investments or trades, take the loss and move on.

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