Experiences Made Me More Money

It is a popular phrase that experiences are much better than materialistic possessions. I agree as I continue to travel nationwide and abroad, It has helped me find myself by getting out of my comfort zone and to try new places and experiences I have never done before. I get the opportunity to network with people to share my trading and investments journey to become financially free. I want to network with like-minded people so we can come up with potential business ideas that can be can be operated. I can help them find clients for their business and I can get a commission or a referral to expand my profit and network.

I love to share the stories of my life and hear theirs build the connection of a human relationship. There is so much we go through when we focus on experiences than aiming towards possessions and being negativity when we see others who are successful or working towards their craft. Although I do like the finer things in life such as luxury cars, fine dining, and designer shoes, I am happier to use that money into travel and investing then buy later.

I know people who waste money on materialistic items such as high-end clothing or a new car loan. While I believe it is fine to splurge into yourself once in a while as long you got the money for it. Experiences will give you the good and bad in life, but in the end, it is the outcome we get that helps us further find ourselves, so you can live the life most people are unfortunately going to regret.

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