I am getting closer to paying off my student loans

I am currently $13,922.54 in student loans down from $22,000 that I originally had when I dropped out of my former university and community college last year. I regretted going to college right away and would of wished I would had taken a gap year to figure out what I wanted in life. In the end it is a life lesson I been through that has helped me found myself as a person.

Being in debt sucks and I cannot wait to become debt free this year with student loans. Thank goodness I am not heavy in debt compared to my other former college friends I knew that had over 50k plus in debt or even more and makes me wonder how long it will take for them to pay it off.

My goal is to become debt free by the end of 2019, and as long as I continue working in my full-time job and making side income from trading and other potential sources of income. I will reduce my travels to every 2-3 months instead of every month as I want to build my net-worth, increase savings and pay off my debt.

Being debt free will be such a huge relief towards my personal life and I will have more money to keep and invest with as I no longer want to owe anymore money to anyone.

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