Meeting Up With Thomas In NYC

This Weekend, Thomas and I got the opportunity to meet in person for the first time. We founded each other on Instagram and we talked for over a year as we have similar interests with the stock market. From there it has grown to create Operation Retirement and be able to build a friendship.

We explored around NYC and discuss our current life situations, life goals, and how we can do business together in person in the future. We also met a follower who came from New Jersey to meet us in person. An older gentleman in his late 20s who wanted to learn how to trade and invest. We share our experiences on how we traded and it is good to see a person who still has the effort to finally make the move to start investing in their future.

It is amazing to be able to meet people on social media when they are liked minded people who are similar objectives as you. Building the connection to finally meet makes you appreciate life to know they are other people who are like you and want to succeed together. We look forward to building our friendship more and create a successful business together. Networking is an opportunity to work together and build a business or any service to make your passions, thoughts, and plans into reality. 

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