My Goals for Q2 2019

As April has begun it is time for me to set up new goals I will like to personally accomplish for myself and towards Operation Retirement.

Q1 of 2019 January-March was a mixed result for myself as I have not been as profitable in options and I was unfortunately laid off from my job. Due to this I must reduce my spending, look for new employment activities. The plus side is the fact I will be able to focus more on options trading and have more time to view the financial markets and I look forward to making progress in April and throughout the next 2 months.

My goals for Q2 is to have a new job that pays more than the former one I used to have. I still have an interest in working in office or banking as a relationship banker or similar roles. I have also decided to go back to school and I look forward to finally getting an associate degree in Business Management by 2020 or 2021 as I am going to take 1-2 classes a semester and got 7 remaining. I just prefer to take my time as I am tired of failing my classes and need to focus.

I want to also become more profitable in options trading for this quarter and reduces losses. I do not want a mix trading session and focus on weekly profits of more than $500 + a week. The more I can make in a day/week the happier I will be.

I also will like to fund my Roth IRA for 2019 at least half of the contribution. Savings is on target as I will save an additional $2000 this quarter. Paying off my student loans has been on track but will pay less until I get a new job unless my option trades are very profitable that paying it off will be much of a breeze.

Overall I look forward to a positive Q2 experience. What are your goals for the next 1-3 months?

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