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One Year Trading Options

It has been one year since I started trading options on the stock market and I have learned a lot since I began back In march of 2018. I started options trading when I got my invite from Robinhood to be on the waitlist to get into options trading. When I finally got in trading options with robinhood, the overview of trading options seem very simple. A call is when you’re expecting a stock to go up at a price you choose before the date of expiration and a put is opposite. Before I even made my first trade, I have done my research on youtube and investopedia to get a overall view on how options trading works.

As I got the basic understanding of options trading I placed my first options trade with one contract for $100 while having $4000 in my Robinhood account. As I did more options trades I made more money, but also at times lose it so I had to trade again to break even and get back into positive territory. Youtube channels I have learned options trading are from “Sky View Trading” & “US vs HERD“.

My biggest gain ws with Amazon making $4000 within a day and my biggest loss was also amazon -$2000. With that big loss I knew I had to change my strategy to avoid bigger losses, avoid greed and learn the importance of stock chart pattern recognition. Also reading on current events with the overall financial markets and the company you are trading with is a must to know how the stock may perform within the day. Read on CNBC, Bloomberg, Street Insider, for the latest financial market news.

On October 2018, I decided to end options trading with Robinhood and go with tastyworks due to having a faster trade execution, $1.00 closing fees, and a more complex chart to read and have a better view of the greeks. With the remaining money I had in Robinhood I diversified into in my savings account, student loans, Roth IRA, and $500 challenge to a $1000 which has nearly succeeded in this volatile 2019 market. Whatever lies ahead, I look forward to 2019 to being a more successful year for me and everyone who will be trading options.

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