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TastyWorks 2 Week Review

It has been two weeks since I have used Tastyworks. I do like how Tastyworks gives me faster trading executions to buy and sell option contracts. It is more complex than using Robinhood, and I am still learning how to use the interface.

Placing Puts or Buys is slightly simple, but not as simple compared to Robinhood. Clicking Strategy to Short or Long and place a call or put makes it much simpler. It will make you perform a credit spread, but you can remove that to make the trading simpler. I will link a youtube video that shows how to trade with Tastyworks.

Overall I made $200 so far and lost around $20 from two previous trades. I made a profit from $GS at $300. I lost with $MSFT. And recover back with $FDX before It dropped again in price. I look forward to continuing trading options with tastyworks and get a better trading experience. I love how affordable their contracts are as it is just $1 per contract and $0 closing costs. Compared to other brokerage accounts in where you have to pay $6-$7 dollars a contract plus closing costs, though the price can vary.

Interested in Tastyworks. Here is the Link to Sign Up :

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