Time is Our Most Valuable Asset

Time is useful because we can use it to bring us more than money.  We can also use it to bring us the things that matter.  Being able to make a living doing the things that bring you joy, especially with the people who bring you joy; that is a rare opportunity.

Time is money but it’s more accurate to say that time is the currency that purchases the things that matter. And those things are more precious than time itself.

I always hear daily from all people on how much they wish they had more time to do what they wanted. Regrets, anger, sadness, negativity is so commonplace when it comes with people who lack time. I hear the struggles with people in money in not making enough or not meeting ends meet. So much negativity that surrounds and makes me reflect the life and I ask myself am I using my time right. For the most part, I am.

I spend most of my time researching the financial market, current and global events, and self-improvement. I like to do whatever it takes to make me happy and use my time efficiently. Even if I have a lazy day time is still essential no matter what.

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