Top 4 Goals for 2019

As the new year is here, it is great to start the year with goals I want to set. Although not all goals will be accomplished within the year, it can always be moved to a future date in where it can be completed. These are my top goals for 2019

1.) Pay off my student loans. I currently have 18k left in student loans and it is a goal for me to pay $4,000 every two months, which means I will be debt free by august or september of 2019. Saving over 50% of my income is not so much as a challenge as I have spend less,, by going out less, cooking at home, and not dealing with the consumerism spending most people here in the United States tend to have. Saving aggressively to become debt free is going to be worth the sacrifice.

2.) Fully fund my Roth IRA. I have 2.5k left for my Roth IRA to fund it for the 2018 year. Starting in 2019 the max contribution for a Roth IRA is $6,000 up from $5,500. I look forward to saving up for my future retirement tax-free.

3.) Become a profitable options trader. I started options trading back in March 2018 when Robinhood made options trading available for users. I managed to make a profit of over $8,000 and nearly loss half of it during September and October when the market began having a small correction. I decided to take out all the cash I had in Robinhood to start trading with tastyworks and take some time off to educate myself more with options trading and the overall financial markets. Trading options with tastyworks have given me faster trading executions and a not too complicated UI and look forward to continuing trading with tastyworks.

4.) Travel to Germany. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany in a U.S Army base and was only there as a baby for a few months, before living in the United States ever since. It has been a dream for me to finally go to Germany and this year I will make it happen. Traveling is a lifestyle I enjoy and look forward to it despite paying off my student debt.

These are my top four goals for 2019 and I do look forward to accomplishing it. Many new experiences will be made towards me. I will make many mistakes, failures, and sacrifices. It will be these aspects in life that will help me become successful and happy to live a fulling life to share my experiences with others. What are your goals for 2019?

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