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What Is In My Roth IRA Portfolio July 2019

$AXP (American Express) Shares Owned: 1.007

$CRM (SalesForce) Shares owned : 2

$EADSY (Airbus SE American Depositary Receipts – Unsponsored) Shares Owned: 220

$GBTC ( Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) Common Stock) Shares Owned: 1

$MA (Mastercard Incorporated)  Shares Owned: 1.003

$MSFT (Microsoft) Shares Owned: 6.049

$STWD ( Starwood Property Trust, Inc) Shares Owned: 47.004

$V (Visa Inc) Shares Owned: 2.007

$WDAY (Workday Inc) Shares Owned: 1

$WM (Waste Management) Shares Owned : 1.014

The changes in my portfolio that occurred are selling my 1 share of $BA (Boeing) and adding $GBTC ( Grayscale Bitcoin Trust) into my Roth IRA. I have not brought any addition stocks due to markets being at a current all-time high, so I am currently sitting in cash reserves.

Whenever we have another market correction or a recession, I will get back aggressively buying shares of companies. The federal interest rate has remained unchanged during the last meeting on June 18, 2019. No changes or even lowering the federal interest rate will continue to make stocks go higher until it finally reaches its peak. It is best to sit back and enjoy the ride before the markets reach another correction and get back into buying.

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